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'SDF Doctor Who AST 3k' logo :iconbadblokebob:badblokebob 2 4
Bob - 510: On Bob's Front
5.10 All Quiet on Bob's Front
Bob is dead.
Bob and Dave have learnt that Hell is planning to mount a large assault on Heaven's trenches in Purgatory tomorrow.
Bob realised it was now the next day.
Bob and Dave learnt yesterday that Hell was planning to mount a large assault on Heaven's trenches today.
Bob and Dave had informed their senior officers.
Bob and Dave were now standing at the wall of the trench.
Bob and Dave were stood there with every other member of Heaven's army.
Bob felt quite nervous.
Bob realised he could see Hell's troops on the horizon, slowly marching towards them.
Bob felt even nervouser.
Bob spent the next few minutes pondering the undoubted non-existence of the word "nervouser".
Bob finished... and noticed that Hell's troops were now much closer!
Bob felt nervouser than ever.
Bob heard some yells from elsewhere in the trenches.
Bob then heard the huge guns of Heaven begin to fire.
Bob saw shells scream overhead and explode into Hell's front line.
Bob watch
:iconbadblokebob:badblokebob 1 6
Bob - 509: Bob and the Unicorn
5.9 Bob and the Unicorn
Bob is dead.
Bob was sat in his trench, as usual.
Bob was getting a touch bored of that.
Bob was looking out over the empty wastes of Purgatory.
Bob saw something in the distance.
Bob peered.
Bob saw a white horse running towards them.
Bob thought it was odd to see an animal outside of Animal Mountain.
Bob noticed the horse had an ice cream cone stuck to its head.
Bob pointed this out to Dave.
Bob was whacked round the head.
Bob was informed that it wasn't an ice cream cone, it was horn.
Bob informed Dave that horses don't have horns so ha!
Bob was informed that it wasn't a horse.
Bob informed Dave that he was confused.
Bob was told that it wasn't a horse, it was a unicorn.
Bob didn't think unicorns existed.
Bob was told they did.
Bob shrugged.
Bob was greeted by the unicorn.
Bob was no longer surprised by things such as a talking horse.
Bob and Dave were hurriedly informed that Hell were planning to mount an assault on Heaven's trenches the next day.
:iconbadblokebob:badblokebob 1 0
Bob - 508: Play At That Game
5.8 Bob Can Play At That Game
Bob is dead.
Bob watched snow fall over Purgatory.
Bob thought the snow was pretty.
Bob commented to Dave that it must be getting near to Christmas.
Bob was informed that it only ever snowed in Purgatory on Christmas Day.
Bob pointed out that this clearly wasn't true as it was snowing today.
Bob saw Dave roll his eyes.
Bob was told that today was Christmas Day!
Bob grinned.
Bob decided not to raise the inherent complexities of this particular festival being so clearly marked in this particular supposedly neutral area.
Bob heard cries from Heaven's trench for a Christmas truce.
Bob heard approving answers from Hell's trench.
Bob thought the war was over!
Bob listened in on a long series of complex negotiations whereby it was agreed that the aforementioned truce would last for the duration of one game of football between the opposing sides, that being the time it took for both teams to reach the area of play, mark the area of play, play the fir
:iconbadblokebob:badblokebob 1 0
Bob - 507: Imitation Bob
5.7 Imitation Bob
Bob is dead.
Bob was lazing around in the trenches
Bob saw himself walk by.
Bob was rather surprised.
Bob thought he must be over-tired.
Bob shook his head.
Bob looked down the trench.
Bob saw himself walking away.
Bob was very surprised
Bob got up and followed himself.
Bob followed himself to his and Dave's room.
Bob watched himself go in.
Bob stood next to the doorway and peered inside.
Bob saw Dave in their room.
Bob saw Dave say hello to him.
Bob nearly replied, but then the other him did.
Bob thought this made more sense.
Bob looked on as Dave and himself had a conversation.
Bob was finding this whole thing most bizarre.
Bob presumed it must be some kind of out of body experience.
Bob concluded this meant he was invisible.
Bob entered the room too.
Bob saw Dave scream.
Bob concluded he wasn't invisible after all.
Bob said hello to Dave.
Bob said hello to himself.
Bob listened as Dave demanded to know what was going on.
Bob said he had no idea.
Bob was aske
:iconbadblokebob:badblokebob 1 2
Bob - 506: On the River Styx
5.6 Bob on the River Styx
Bob is dead.
Bob and Dave were given a top-secret mission by their lieutenant.
Bob asked Dave what the mission actually was.
Bob was asked hadn't he been listening.
Bob said no.
Bob was told that he was in charge of it!
Bob thought it had better be explained to him then.
Bob waited patiently while Dave sighed and moaned a lot.
Bob eventually got an explanation.
Bob had been put in charge of a submarine.
Bob thought this sounded mighty jolly.
Bob was to command the submarine up the river Styx.
Bob asked where that was.
Bob was told not to worry, Dave would sort that bit.
Bob thought that was terribly handy.
Bob was to take the submarine up the river Styx and blow up a bridge.
Bob asked why.
Bob was told it was to help halt the advance of Hell's troops.
Bob thought this sounded awfully helpful.
Bob wondered why he'd been put in charge of such an important mission after all his other ones had gone so disastrously.
Bob was told Dave didn't know.
Bob went ba
:iconbadblokebob:badblokebob 1 0
Bob - 505: Saving Private Bob
5.5 Saving Private Bob
Bob is dead.
Bob is fighting in the trenches of Purgatory, in the war he inadvertently started between Heaven and Hell.
Bob was sent on a solo mission into Hell's front line.
Bob was captured.
Bob was medically examined.
Bob was briefly questioned.
Bob was left alone in his cell.
Bob's cell wall then exploded.
Bob saw Dave, Tom and Mike come through the hole in the wall.
Bob was informed this was a rescue mission.
Bob asked who they were rescuing.
Bob was hit over the head and told to come on.
Bob, Dave, Tom and Mike ran back through the wall.
Bob heard guards calling for them to come back because they were little expletives.
Bob turned to go back.
Bob was dragged on by Dave.
Bob and his rescue party ran through the smoke-filled wasteland that had once been the Earth-like realm of Purgatory.
Bob was saddened by its decimation during the war.
Bob was asked by Dave where he'd learnt a word like "decimation".
Bob wasn't sure.
Bob and his rescue party soon arr
:iconbadblokebob:badblokebob 1 2
Bob - 504: Bob Inquisition
5.4 Bob Inquisition
Bob is dead.
Bob and Dave have joined Heaven's army in the war against Hell.
Bob and Dave are in the front line of the trenches in Purgatory.
Bob and Dave had been summoned to the lieutenant's office.
Bob was asked if he knew why they were here.
Bob asked if it was because he'd done something wrong.
Bob was hit round the head by Dave.
Bob was reminded by Dave that he'd already suggested that and been told he'd done nothing wrong and that they'd been called here to be given a mission.
Bob remembered all of that now.
Bob asked the lieutenant what the mission was.
Bob was told that he and Dave were to visit the Wise Man and interrogate him.
Bob asked why.
Bob was told that the Wise Man might have some information, because he was wise.
Bob thought this made sense.
Bob asked why he and Dave had been chosen.
Bob was told it was because of his positive previous associations with the Wise Man, unique among Heaven's troops.
Bob felt oddly proud of this.
Bob was told h
:iconbadblokebob:badblokebob 1 1
Bob - 503: Bob's Platoon
5.3 Bob's Platoon
Bob is dead.
Bob and Dave have joined Heaven's army.
Bob and Dave were assigned to a platoon.
Bob asked what a platoon was exactly.
Bob was informed that it was a military unit, typically of 30 to 50 soldiers, subdivided into sections, that had a film named after it which made it an appropriate title for this episode.
Bob attempted to reassemble the fourth wall.
Bob gave up and caught up with the rest of his platoon.
Bob asked Dave who everyone was.
Bob was introduced to Tom and Mike.
Bob said hi.
Bob asked who everyone else was.
Bob was told that Dave couldn't be bothered to find out the names of 26 to 46 other soldiers.
Bob's platoon stopped in front of a closed doorway.
Bob could see many other platoons lined up before similar doorways all around.
Bob could see many angels, armed with various weapons, flying about overhead.
Bob could see many boats and many planes moving in ways that would frankly be quite bizarre in the real world but in Heaven seemed just
:iconbadblokebob:badblokebob 1 2
Bob - 502: Bob Above Dave Belo
5.2 Bob Above, Dave Below
Bob is dead.
Bob has accidentally started a war between Heaven and Hell.
Bob is in a queue to join the army.
Bob was in the queue a long time.
Bob thought there were a lot of people in Heaven.
Bob was finally nearing the front of the queue.
Bob saw Dave wander past.
Bob thought he must have imagined it.
Bob looked again.
Bob saw Dave wandering off.
Bob left the queue and ran after him.
Bob called Dave's name.
Bob saw Dave stop, too late.
Bob ran in to Dave.
Bob and Dave tumbled over.
Bob was told off by Dave.
Bob just smiled: he'd found his best friend again!
Bob asked Dave what he was doing in Heaven.
Bob was told that Dave had disliked Hell ever since he saw the delights of Heaven.
Bob was told that when Dave had heard of the war he had snuck back up.
Bob was told that Dave had volunteered to fight for Heaven in the war.
Bob thought this was brilliant.
Bob was told that Dave was going to be a spy.
Bob thought spying sounded cool.
Bob asked if he could
:iconbadblokebob:badblokebob 2 4
Bob - 501: Bob in Heaven
5.1 Bob in Heaven
Bob is dead.
Bob is back in Heaven. Again.
Bob thinks this is a good thing.
Bob is aware that no one else does.
Bob had previously been informed why this was.
Bob had once brought his friend Dave into Heaven.
Bob's friend Dave was a demon.
Bob's friend Dave was, therefore, from Hell.
Bob bringing Dave to Heaven had broken some sort of ancient precedent that stopped demons and sundry other Hell-creatures from entering Heaven.
Bob had therefore opened the floodgates for all of Hell to enter Heaven, if they so wished.
Bob had been told they did so wish.
Bob had been informed that, naturally, Heaven did not wish to be invaded by Hell.
Bob had been told this meant war.
Bob hadn't followed the slight jump in logic.
Bob had it explained that Heaven would have to defend itself, meaning fighting, meaning war.
Bob had understood it that time.
Bob thought it was all terribly complicated.
Bob was then reminded that this was nonetheless all his fault.
Bob wasn't wanted in H
:iconbadblokebob:badblokebob 1 1
Bob V - final poster :iconbadblokebob:badblokebob 2 1 Bob V - teaser poster :iconbadblokebob:badblokebob 0 4
Bob - 410: Bob the Destroyer
4.10 Bob the Destroyer
Bob is dead.
Bob is a ghost.
Bob is a Lord.
Bob has had quite a time on Earth!
Bob is now about to return to Heaven, however.
Bob executed the final stage of his complex plan.
Bob's plan was so complex that he still won't be explaining it.
Bob will never explain the plan so don't go getting your hopes up.
Bob, as already stated, executed the final stage of his plan.
Bob appeared outside the gates of Heaven.
Bob cheered.
Bob saw St Peter.
Bob saw St Peter see him.
Bob thought St Peter looked shocked.
Bob said a cheery hello to St Peter.
Bob wondered why St Peter was screaming.
Bob watched St Peter faint.
Bob shrugged.
Bob tried to walk into Heaven.
Bob waited for the gates to open.
Bob got the distinct impression that they weren't going to.
Bob gave them a shove.
Bob was surprised that this worked.
Bob smiled.
Bob waltzed back into Heaven.
Bob heard huge thumping footsteps.
Bob stopped dancing.
Bob saw God.
Bob thought God looked cross.
Bob was sad.
Bob was
:iconbadblokebob:badblokebob 1 6
Bob - 409: Bob the Lord
4.9 Bob the Lord
Bob is dead.
Bob is a ghost.
Bob won't be a ghost much longer.
Bob has a plan.
Bob required a title for this plan.
Bob decided he wanted to be a Lord.
Bob pondered how he could get a lordship.
Bob thought of a plan to get a lordship.
Bob decided that, as this plan was part of his larger plan, it must be a sub-plan.
Bob thought any plan that required sub-plans must be far too complex.
Bob thought that things should be simpler than this.
Bob knew this was the only plan he had, however.
Bob decided that he could not make the plan any simpler.
Bob thought that anything he could make simpler he would, though.
Bob started walking.
Bob walked to town.
Bob went to WH Ghost.
Bob bought a map.
Bob opened the map.
Bob looked for a building.
Bob found the building.
Bob walked to the building.
Bob arrived at the building.
Bob read the sign on the building out loud.
Bob said, "The Ghost Government of Great Britain".
Bob nodded.
Bob walked into the Ghost Government.
Bob went o
:iconbadblokebob:badblokebob 1 4
Bob - 408: Bob the Untitled
4.8 Bob the Untitled
Bob is dead.
Bob is also a ghost.
Bob is unhappy as a ghost.
Bob was happier in Heaven.
Bob has consequently decided to return to Heaven.
Bob realised he had no idea how.
Bob sat down to think.
Bob thought he was bad at thinking.
Bob therefore thought thinking might take too long.
Bob thought that his current thoughts were a thought process.
Bob thought he was having too many thought process these days.
Bob stopped thinking.
Bob suddenly thought of a shockingly simple plan to get back into Heaven!
Bob got angry at himself for thinking.
Bob told himself off for thinking again.
Bob told himself that he didn't think.
Bob remembered his mother had often said that.
Bob was so busy telling himself off that he forgot his plan to get back to Heaven.
Bob realised he'd forgotten.
Bob got angry at himself for forgetting.
Bob told himself off for forgetting.
Bob remembered his mother had often said that too.
Bob realised he was lost in thought processes again.
:iconbadblokebob:badblokebob 1 5

Random Favourites

The Net
The Net
i wonder what it's like...
To be you
You dream of me
You hear my name
You wish i was
It's not my choice
i wonder what it's like
To miss my eyes and touch
To taste my kiss
You wish i was
It's not my choice
i wonder how you feel...
Do you cry at night?
Do you still write?
Dream of those days?
Do you still pray?
You wish i was
It's not my choice
You think about him
Hate that he makes me smile
Wishing i was closer
Cursing the many miles
How do you go on?
How doe it feel?
You wish i was
It's not my choice
I wish i was
It's not my choice
I know what it's like
To be you...
I wish i was
:iconjustkristy:justkristy 1 1
The MadHatters Invitation
Mad Hatter's Invitation
It doesn't matter where you go-
As long as it's nowhere...
Unless, of course, you're there now-
In that case, i wouldn't dare.
If you wish to get there quick-
Catch a train to Yesterday.
And if nothing's ever to be said-
Then tell me- what's to say?
Of all the things i know i am-
i wish that i was not...
Or maybe that's what i thought i think...
Or rather, think i thought.
Oh, and just in case you're lost-
Pray that you're never found...
Cuz when you are- you'll see you're not-
Just take a look around.
Forgive me please- but do you see?
i'm not sorry at all!
Just another delinquent...
Writing dirty words on the wall...
"Is doing nothing considered something?"
i asked myselves today...
i said, "Of course... Or, maybe not.
It might not, but sometimes may."
i got this invitation
With my name written in red,
It was to a tea party,
"LOCATION: In your head..."
I'm going straight to nowhere,
Wanna come? It's not far, you see...
Forever on a trip,
Going nowhere,
:iconjustkristy:justkristy 1 2
On My Way :iconfuriouskitten:furiouskitten 420 300
I Am -- Messy V2
shatter me
I am a mirror
you\'ve already had
seven years bad luck
don\'t try to put me back together
messy pieces of my life
will scar your hands
and bloody my body
divide me
I am nothing
if not a mathematical fact
you\'ve failed provincial algebra
don\'t try erase mistakes you\'ve made
messy numbers of my life
are forever wronged
in calculation
crush me
I am flowers
beneath your heavy feet
you\'ve run in fields forever
don\'t try to escape mature endeavors
messy petals of my life
weren\'t meant to die
for your romance
kill me
I am sin
I let you clip my wings
you\'ve used cuts swift and deep
don\'t try to gain redemption
messy reminisce of my life
will sink into the soil and
I will be free
:iconnelsmiley:nelsmiley 2 10
Over the Ruins of Emilion :iconfuriouskitten:furiouskitten 1,361 473
your hands in my pockets
my lips to your ear
you insinuate desire
I lead you upstairs
you dim the lights
I pour the mulled wine
fooling around
your hand moves lower
my tounge to your spine
you ask for permission
I don\'t have to reply
you whisper poetry
I\'m tied down with a sigh
you take the reins
I tell you my name
you don\'t hear my voice
I\'m gagged to tame
you ask for a smoke
sexual relations
I get you a light
you say you feel sick
I lose sight
label it anything you want...
just don\'t tell me
you love me
:iconnelsmiley:nelsmiley 10 22
her final cry
satb her in her abdomin
let her burn in her own acid.
dying in a poodle of blood.
laugh as she suffers.
years and years of pain
must caused by her
now she knows what she has done
and she pays so dearly now.
you sit by her side until the end
whispering in her ear
of all the corruption she has caused you
and remind her of her ignorance
her ignorance of your feelings
has scarred you the most
she wanted you to be perfect
she hated you because of your individuality.
now you show her what she made you do
cuts on both the arms
and then in her last dieing breath
you cut yourself once more.
but this time you aim to die
and you see a new pain in her eye
you laugh as she begins to cry
but soon you wonder why
why would she ever cry for me
she didnt cry when she was dieing
but now she cries for me?
and with her last dieing breath
she whispers something new
those three everlasting words
i love you.
:iconinsanepunker:insanepunker 2 11
Across This Blank Room
Across this blank room
filled with forced strangers
and I see you standing
you catch me looking at you
I catch the slight bulge
the reason hands rest
gently in your pockets
and I have no other want
than to follow your footsteps
up those stairs
out of good company
no introductions can be made
my hair falling smoothy
across your face
tells me your name
your shadow falls over me
it paints my body
with your colors of persuasion
as I lose my good humor
you trace words
into my breast as you </i>expose</i> my likeness
to a mirror-like sensation
as my hand presses against yours
I forget who is being taken
who wants who
your eyes all over me
your hands inside of me
a thousand delicate touches
meant for lovers
used by perverts
as my eyelids flutter
I take another sip of my distasteful drink
and I see you standing
Across this blank room
:iconnelsmiley:nelsmiley 4 9
Wetlands :iconp0m:p0m 389 231 Beauty in Disaster :iconepiphany:epiphany 6 15 Pixie crossing :iconthrow-a-bomb:throw-a-bomb 9 20 Daddys Home :iconnighty:nighty 27 70 rays of reflection :iconssilence:ssilence 42,482 4,346 Streaming Blue :iconadam1975:adam1975 291 180 Strange night :iconssilence:ssilence 840 182 I Saw A Strange Place :iconfuriouskitten:furiouskitten 89 58



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So it's been a while since I've done much on dA. I've even missed when I wanted to post Bob IV, which is a shame because it was the 5th anniversary. Or is the 5th anniversary... it might still be coming up... Dammit, I should know these things!

Anyway, what have I been up to?

100 Films in a Year
Blog #1 -- not because it's my first blog (ohhh no, far from it), but because it's probably my most worthwhile. You can check it out here. It's doing fairly well at its new home -- at one point it even made the site's top ten, and if I'm lucky will get back up there -- even if my aim is far from being achieved.

My Cultural Experience
Blog #2 -- which is also going well. You may remember I mentioned it way back in June, saying it would have at least one new post every day. Well, it has, so ner! It's still going relatively well I think, and I'm not getting bored of it, so that's super. Check it out here.

Super Duper Famous Doctor Who Adventure Squad Teams 3000
It must be said, this is the least serious of all my ideas and time fillers -- in fact, I'm often more focussed on a script I'm trying to finish and soon my postgrad degree (at least, I ought to focus on that) -- but I'm still having ideas and jotting them down and developing them, so it is more than just a natty logo. I've gone and gotten a site -- well, blog (of course!) -- for it here, which is... very black. Oh well. Still, it might see more development in the future.

Other stuff
There's nothing else I can link to, so I won't bother mentioning it -- as I said, writing, and about to be starting my course this week. I really ought to look into what books I need for that actually...


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